Speaking Testimonials

Photo of Eleanor Meekins

“Dr. Gleb Tsipursky presented “Help Clients Avoid Disasters Through Science-Based Decision-Making” to the International Coaches Federation of Columbus. He responded to every request I made for documents, etc., immediately. His presentation style is warm and engaging. His presentation and slides were excellent. Even the most senior coaches (25+ years coaching experience) were really surprised and impressed with the information he gave us. Several want to see him again, and some even want an all day training session! He is a snap to work with, has very interesting scientific information, and is a delightful presenter. I highly recommend him!

Written feedback from Eleanor Meekins, MSA, CPC, CIR, ACIR, CSSR, CDR Program/Education Director Affiliate Member, who was a meeting planner for Gleb’s presentation to the International Coaches Federation Columbus Chapter on “Help Clients Avoid Disasters Through Science-Based Decision-Making”

Photo of Dan Sharpe


“Our community leaders benefited from Dr. Tsipursky’s expertise, presentation, and insights during a Columbus Foundation Nonprofit Forum. We collaborated to bring a “Science of Decision Making” presentation to the central Ohio nonprofit community. The content was delivered in a digestible way that covered high-level theory, while also providing tactics and tools that could be immediately implemented. The audience had very positive feedback, and I was pleased to be able to offer the content, and expertise to the sector.”

Written feedback from Dan Sharpe, the Executive Vice President of The Columbus Foundation, who was a meeting planner for Gleb’s presentation for The Columbus Foundation on “Avoiding Nonprofit Disasters Through Decision-Making Science”

Photo of Teresa Trost

“I just wanted to say thank you for a great session. I will never approach decision making the same again. You gave me some wonderful insights on cognitive biases and how they influence our decisions. I plan to use your premortem process with my team and our board. I am also eager to do more research on cognitive biases. Very interesting. Thank you again for valuable education that will support my work.”

Written feedback from Teresa Trost, Executive Director of Community Shares of Mid Ohio, who was an audience member for Gleb’s presentation to The Columbus Foundation on “Avoiding Nonprofit Disasters Through Decision-Making Science” and sent this unsolicited email afterwards.

Photo of Diane Wingerter

“The entire Leadership Team of Synergy National was very impressed with your presentation. Your remarks and insights were excellent and set the tone for a meaningful and productive meeting. As a result, we were ‘working from’ from a common foundation and mindset and I feel that we accomplished more during our Leadership Retreat than we would have, if you had not presented your material.  So, for that…..our sincere gratitude and appreciation!”

Written feedback from Diane Wingerter, Author, Speaker, and Consultant, founder of TradeShow Doctor, who was a meeting planner for Gleb’s presentation to the Leadership Team of Synergy National on “Cultivating Socially Intelligent Organizations”

Photo of Susan Lear

“Gleb presented to members of the National Association of Women Business Owners. He spoke to us about common pitfalls of decision making and how we may avoid them. His interactive presentation provided many takeaways, even for the solopreneur and microbusiness owner. Of particular note was Gleb’s depth of knowledge as evidenced by how thoughtfully he tailored his message to an audience of female leaders.”

Written feedback from Susan Lear, President/CEO, GLA Employee Assistance Provider, who was a meeting planner for Gleb’s presentation to the National Association of Women Business Owners Columbus Chapter on “How Women Leaders Can Avoid Disasters Through Science-Based Decision-Making

Photo of Peggy Wibble

“Gleb applies the discipline of his research to the practical tools he has crafted for effective decision-making.  CCODN benefited greatly from his expertise, as well as his clear, thought-provoking and interactive facilitation.  He is both learned and passionate — well positioned to enlighten and guide organizations to growing their effective decision-making capacity.  We are glad he is part of our learning community.”

Written feedback from Peggy Wibble, MHRM, SPHR, Organization Effectiveness Expert and Leadership Coach, who was a meeting planner for Gleb’s presentation to the Capital City Organization Development Network on “Help Clients Avoid Disasters Through Science-Based Decision-Making”

Photo of Kelly Atkinson

“Thank you for teaching this! I'm leaving with SEVERAL next action steps.”

Written feedback from Kelly Atkinson, MBA, Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator and Office Administrator at Barnes & Thornburg LLP, who was an audience member for Gleb’s presentation to the Human Resources Association of Central Ohio on "Cultivating Diverse and Inclusive Organizations Through Social Intelligence"

Consulting Testimonials

Photo of Mark Matson

“EWI is an engineering services consulting firm. We contacted Gleb to acquire some insights in how to motivate scientific people to ‘sell’ themselves – a constant challenge of the business. Gleb used his researched-based approach to behavioral psychology to engage us in a conversation that provided several very helpful insights into how we communicate with our people. We were using far too much business-speak that was not connecting emotionally with our people. For example we have stopped using the word ‘brand’ and now use the word reputation – which resonates with scientists. Gleb has been an unexpected and practical resource for us.”

Written testimonial from Mark Matson, Vice President of Human Resources at EWI.  EWI is the leading engineering and technology organization in North America dedicated to the research and development of materials joining and welding. It provides expert materials joining assistance, contract research, consulting services and training to hundreds of members in the aerospace, automotive, government, energy and chemical, heavy manufacturing, medical and electronics industries. For more about EWI, see their website.

Photo of Laura Williams

“The Good Lab worked with Gleb to understand his philosophy and approach through his 4 key components to living with meaning and purpose. These 4 components were used as a framework in our innovation workshop, to identify new and massive commercial opportunities that could help people live with meaning and purpose. Gleb helped convey this framework in an accessible and engaging manner to our charity partners and industry experts, who responded well and used this framework to generate a multitude of ideas for commercial opportunities. Gleb’s combination of scholarly expertise around meaning and purpose, and savvy in understanding how to tie people’s needs and desires to commercial opportunities, was crucial to achieving our outcomes.”

Written testimonial from Laura Williams, Head of Front-End Innovation at the Good Lab. The Good Lab is a core team of innovators who collaborate with 12 of the UK’s top charities and industry experts to design and prototype radically different ways for charities to raise more funds. It co-creates, develops, and tests new methods of raising funds by focusing on various industry sectors through fast-moving development cycles. For more about the Good Lab and its partners, see their website.