Dr. Gleb Tsipursky’s work has been featured in hundreds of news media outlets across the globe. Below is a sampling of media features.


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Social intelligence and communication in business settings


Decision-making and trust in nonprofits

Scientific American

How to avoid business disasters through behavioral science

Lead Change Group

Emotional intelligence and leadership

The role of gut reactions in effective business decision-making

The Columbus DispatchEmotional and logical decision-making

NonProfit PRO

Social intelligence and communication in nonprofit settings

When to trust your intuitions in business relationships

Business Insider

Addressing denialism via social intelligence in business settings

Government Executive

Intuitive and analytical decision-making in organizational settings

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Decision-making and reputation in nonprofits


How the language used in financial decisions can have far-reaching consequences

Psychology Today

Psychology of effective fundraising

Social intelligence and business communication

The Conversation

How the language used in financial decisions can have far-reaching consequences

Social intelligence and business communication

NY Daily News

Research-based communication strategies


Cultivating trust and integrity in public discourse


Research-based financial decision-making

Inside Higher Ed

Social intelligence in higher education communications

The Dallas Morning News

The danger of sweeping generalizations

Gut intuitions in decision-making

Emotional intelligence in higher education communications

Huffington Post

Using emotional and social intelligence to settle differences


Public speaking and social intelligence

Effective strategies to promote charitable giving

Why you should be wary of going with your gut


Logo of CBSN

Relationship between Facebook use and emotional well-being


Logo of ABC6 (Columbus, Ohio)

Emotional and social intelligence and presidential debates 


Diversity & inclusion training and Starbucks

Money for Lunch

How to avoid disastrous business decisions

Dr. Diane Hamilton Show

The dangers of insufficient emotional and social intelligence in organizations

Selling in a Skirt 

Intuition and decision-making

The Entrepreneur Way

How we can learn from failure effectively

The Philippe Matthews Show


TTR Unleashed 

Avoiding disasters in organizations

That Business Podcast 2.0

7 steps to avoiding disastrous business decisions

Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Productivity & Results

Successful business decision-making

TIVOMike Show

Financial success via emotional intelligence

Shedding the Bitch

Decision-making for women

Sunny 95

Avoiding bad financial decisions

Informed Choice Radio

Avoiding bad business decisions


Avoiding bad decisions in the workplace

Law of Business

Making good decisions in business settings

The Best Business Podcast

Developing willpower, focus, good mental habits & better decision making skills