Do you want to avoid:

  • Losing good clients?
  • Making a bad hire?
  • Projects flopping?
  • Having mergers go poorly?
  • Unengaged employees?
  • Destructive team conflict?

All of these business disasters are waiting just around the corner! Forward-looking leaders and organizations avoid these disasters and get ahead of the competition through Disaster Avoidance Expert Dr. Gleb Tsipursky's consulting and coaching in science-based decision-making and emotional and social intelligence. With over two decades of experience on three continents, Gleb is known for adapting cutting-edge research to everyday business reality and maximizing profits for his clients. Protect your bottom line by securing Gleb's services right now!

Case Studies

Is successful decision-making the essential ingredient for business success?

Most business professionals would answer “YES.” Unfortunately, despite its importance, leaders usually do not get professional development in decision-making skills, and organizations do not integrate effective decision-making techniques into their processes. No wonder that we witness so many poor business decisions, whether by individual business leaders or systematically within an organization. Such choices lead to business disasters: loss of good clients, projects flopping, hires not working out, unnecessary team conflicts, and even bankruptcy. Gleb’s consulting and coaching in science-based decision-making addresses these problems and helps these organizations and leaders avoid business disasters.

Are humans purely logical and rational creatures?

Most business professionals would say “NO.” So why are most organizations structured as if people are rational creatures ruled by reason and logic, and are motivated solely by money? In reality, about 70-80 percent of our decisions are guided by our emotions, and our motivations depend a great deal on emotional drivers. The disconnect between organizational structure and actual human motivations results in decreased employee morale and engagement, higher turnover, more workplace accidents and sick leave, decreased productivity and other problems. The result? Higher costs, less profits, loss of market share, stagnation, and eventual fading into irrelevance. Gleb’s consulting and coaching in research-based emotional and social intelligence helps align employee incentives with organizational priorities.

See What Consulting and Coaching Clients Say About Gleb

Photo of Mark MatsonThis written testimonial is from Mark Matson, Vice President of Human Resources at EWI.  EWI is the leading engineering and technology organization in North America dedicated to the research and development of materials joining and welding. It provides expert materials joining assistance, contract research, consulting services and training to hundreds of members in the aerospace, automotive, government, energy and chemical, heavy manufacturing, medical and electronics industries. For more about EWI, see its website.

"EWI is an engineering services consulting firm. We contacted Gleb to acquire some insights in how to motivate scientific people to 'sell' themselves – a constant challenge of the business. Gleb used his researched-based approach to behavioral psychology to engage us in a conversation that provided several very helpful insights into how we communicate with our people. We were using far too much business-speak that was not connecting emotionally with our people. For example we have stopped using the word 'brand' and now use the word reputation – which resonates with scientists. Gleb has been an unexpected and practical resource for us."

This written testimonial is from Laura Williams, Head of Front-End Innovation at the Good Lab. The Good Lab is a core team of innovators who collaborate with 12 of the UK's top charities and industry experts to design and prototype radically different ways for charities to raise more funds. It co-creates, develops, and tests new methods of raising funds by focusing on various industry sectors through fast-moving development cycles. For more about the Good Lab and its partners, see its website.

"The Good Lab worked with Gleb to understand his philosophy and approach through his 4 key components to living with meaning and purpose. These 4 components were used as a framework in our innovation workshop, to identify new and massive commercial opportunities that could help people live with meaning and purpose. Gleb helped convey this framework in an accessible and engaging manner to our charity partners and industry experts, who responded well and used this framework to generate a multitude of ideas for commercial opportunities. Gleb's combination of scholarly expertise around meaning and purpose, and savvy in understanding how to tie people's needs and desires to commercial opportunities, was crucial to achieving our outcomes."


Photo of August E. Brunsman IVThis video testimonial is from August Brunsman IV, former Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance. The Secular Student Alliance supports a network of over 250 groups at high school and college campuses that sets students on a lifelong course of moral leadership based on philosophical naturalism. August had executive oversight of strategic and operational responsibility for the Secular Student Alliance’s staff, budget, program, expansion, promotion, legal, and fundraising functions. He transformed the organization from an all-volunteer start-up being run by current and recent college students to an organization with over $900,000 in annual revenue since 2012. For more about the Secular Student Alliance, see its website.

Gleb has worked with clients from Aviation to Utilities. Check out his client list!

Gleb’s Consulting and Coaching Style

Do you want a “YES” man to provide external approval for changes on which you are already set? Not willing to question your assumptions and existing processes? Then Gleb is not your guy.

Gleb will ask the tough questions that force leaders and organizations to re-examine their practices and address potential blind spots. He will validate effective processes and highlight problematic ones, work with you to develop pragmatic solutions that get buy-in from all levels of the organization and hold you accountable for implementing these solutions. You should hire Gleb if you are committed to the hard work needed to achieve game-changing outcomes in:

  • Ensuring that your company maximizes its long-term profits and true potential
  • Cultivating a flourishing internal culture that underpins lasting success
  • Aligning your existing practices with proven, evidence-based business strategies
  • Motivating your employees using cutting-edge research in emotional and social intelligence
  • Boosting productivity and engagement by applying behavioral science findings to your needs
  • Increasing your market share by avoiding the business disasters that trip up your competition
  • Develop a game plan to take yourself and your organization from good to great

If you want any or all of these, hire Gleb today!

Why Gleb?

Many consultants and coaches have expertise on what your organization does. By contrast, bringing Gleb into your team will give you someone who is an expert at the underlying drivers of how your business can succeed: its people.

That means you are getting their time, but far from their best decisions, ideas, and energy. Imagine if you could get your people to give you 100%. How much better off would that be for your bottom line? How much market share can you gain from your competition? Gleb can help you get there, by ensuring that all aspects of your internal processes motivate your employees to fulfill your organization’s true potential. His expertise will also help you integrate decision-making strategies that will optimize the decision-making for your employees and avoid the stumbling blocks that trip up your competitions.

Whether you’re looking to manage major internal change to improve your organizational effectiveness, or whether you want to solve a specific problem, or tune up a well-running organization, or make a plan to take your organization to the next level, Gleb’s expertise will serve you well.

If you’re not hiring Gleb right now, you’re leaving money on the table. Don’t wait: talk to Gleb about his services!