Civic Activities

While Gleb’s speaking, consulting, and coaching makes his expertise on decision-making and emotional and social intelligence available to paying clients, Gleb is also passionate about helping our society as a whole avoid disastrous decisions. To advance this goal, he co-founded the educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Intentional Insights, devoted to promoting science-based truth-seeking, rational thinking, and wise decision-making. Gleb donates at least 10% of all his income to this nonprofit, and volunteers a substantial amount of his time. For example, he regularly gives public presentations in community venues, such as this one entitled “How Rational Are You?”

He also gives webinars for organizations, such as this webinar for PsychCentral on "Leading People to Accept the Facts."

The biggest project of this nonprofit is the Pro-Truth Pledge, meant to uplift truth and civility in business, politics, media, and other areas of public discourse. The pledge asks signers - which includes private citizens and public figures - to commit to 12 behaviors that research in behavioral science shows correlate with an orientation toward truthfulness. Globally-known public figures, such as Peter Singer, Steven Pinker, Jonathan Haidt, and Michael Shermer, have joined this project, along with hundreds of other public figures and thousands of private citizens. The pledge has received positive media coverage in prominent US and international print venues, such as The Guardian, Newsweek, and Scientific American. The pledge functions as the equivalent of the Better Business Bureau for public figures: the BBB provides credibility for ethical business practices and the pledge provides credibility for truthfulness for public figures and organizations. You are welcome to take the pledge at Gleb gives a number of talks about the Pro-Truth Pledge, such as this panel where he joined executives of prominent newspaper, TV, and radio outlets.

Gleb is open to discussing fees paid in the form of donation to Intentional Insights: please get in touch to discuss details.