Below are several videos of Gleb's programs (both in-person and webinars), as well as video clips taken from Gleb’s presentations.

Speaker Highlights Video

Full-Length Program on "Cultivating Diverse and Inclusive Organizations via Social Intelligence"

Full-Length Program on "The Secrets to Avoiding Disasters: Decision-Making Science for Organizations"

Full-Length Program on "Help Coaching Clients Avoid Disasters Through Science Based Decision Making"

Clip: Gleb explains the dangers of empathy gap in organizations

Clip: Gleb solves a concrete problem faced by an audience member

Clip: Gleb explains the role of tribalism in diversity & inclusion

Clip: Gleb explains how research on the mind helps solve a problem for his audience

Clip: Gleb explains the role of optimism bias and pessimism bias in the workplace

Clip: Gleb explains the Premortem strategy for avoiding business disasters

Clip: Gleb explains the dangers of halo effect and horns effect for organizations

Clip: Gleb interacts with audience following an empathy-building exercise

Clip: Gleb provides 3 key take-aways at the end of a presentation

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