Most Frequently Requested Programs

3 Secrets to Avoiding Business Disasters

Outstanding Leadership Through Social Intelligence

Achieving Organizational Goals Through Emotional and Social Intelligence

Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion Through Social Intelligence

Cultivating Trust for Competitive Advantage

Leadership Success Through Emotional Intelligence

3 Secrets to Engaging Employees Through Meaning and Purpose

Should You Trust Your Gut? Leadership Myths Busted

Risk Management in Hiring & Promotion

Outstanding Selling Through Social Intelligence

If you’re interested in having one of these programs customized to your audience, or if you would like Gleb to create a special program to meet your needs by using his expertise in decision-making and emotional and social intelligence, get in touch today!

In-Depth Sample Program

3 Secrets to Avoiding Business Disasters

This sample program is designed for a 90-minute seminar. It can be shortened to a TED-style 20-minute keynote or expanded to a half-day or whole-day seminar as needed.

Sample Video of Full Program