Most Frequently Requested Programs

3 Secrets to Avoiding Business Disasters

Outstanding Leadership Through Social Intelligence

Achieving Organizational Goals Through Social Intelligence

Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion Through Social Intelligence

Cultivating Trust for Competitive Advantage

Leadership Success Through Emotional Intelligence

3 Secrets to Engaging Employees Through Meaning and Purpose

Go with Your Gut? Busting Leadership Myths with Behavioral Science

If you’re interested in having one of these programs customized to your audience, or if you would like Gleb to create a special program to meet your needs by using his expertise in decision-making and emotional and social intelligence, get in touch today!

In-Depth Sample Program

“The Secrets to Avoiding Disaster for Leaders: A Science-Based Guide to Successful Decision-Making”

This sample program is designed for a 90-minute seminar. It can be shortened to a TED-style 20-minute keynote or expanded to a half-day or whole-day seminar as needed.

Sample Video of Full Program